Sudan grass for sale is an annual grass with slender culms reaching up to 3 m. The light green leaves are long (4-15 cm), broad (8-15 mm) and very numerous. Inflorescences are panicles ending in short fragile racemes. Spikelets are paired, 6-7 mm long.

Sudan grass is a hybrid-derived species of grass raised for forage and grain, native to tropical and subtropical regions of Eastern Africa. The plant is cultivated in Southern Europe, South America, Central America, North America and Southern Asia, for forage or as a cover crop.

Uses Of Sudan Grass

Sudan grass is native to Sudan. It is cultivated and naturalized widely in the United States, but is most common in the southern states. Although common to the southern states, it is also grown from southern Texas to Minnesota and North Dakota in the central grassland regions. Sudan only develops fibrous roots and does not become a noxious weed. As seedlings, virtually all species of sorghum resemble one another and are frequently confused with young corn plants. The sorghum species are used for forage, hay, silage, and grain.


Truesweet® Sudan

TRUESWEET® Sudan is an exclusive variety of Sudangrass developed by Al Dahra ACX to add value and quality to the Sudan market. There is only one TRUESWEET® Sudan product and it is available only from Al Dahra ACX. There are no substitutes.

TRUESWEET® Sudan is a premium forage product with a soft, leafy texture featuring a low lignin stem. The sugar content is high to give the hay a sweeter smell and taste, a higher rate of consumption, and easier digestibility for increased milk production.


USA Production

Grade TRUESWEET® Sudan Grass, Piper Sudan Grass
Packaging Double Compressed Half-Cut Bale (30Kg), Double Compressed Full Bale (60Kg), Log Bale (100Kg), MACX Bale Sleeve (450Kg), Single Press
Shipping USA – West Coast: 40′ high cube or 40′ standard sea container, bulk-loaded, or UNIPACX®



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